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Not all #WalkAway stories are WalkAway!  Some are heart felt Welcome stories.  The community is growing based on the original Christian principles of tolerance and love.  Here is a good example:

I have been reading through the heartfelt posts and watching the testimonial videos and just want to say that you are all so brave,and I applaud you for using your brains as individual thinkers and making the choice that’s right for you.

In my case, I was never a Democrat or Liberal voter. I was always on the Conservative side and my first time voting in a Presidential election was for George Bush Sr. I didn’t really know exactly what all the GOP stood for , but I voted the way my family and friends voted. Went about my way and didn’t start to really pick up and pay attention until Clinton went into office. I noticed how people seemed to worship him. The economy thrived. Deficit was low. Things seemed good. But things weren’t as they appeared. His moral fiber was seriously lacking. His ability to lie with a straight face was unparalleled. Rumors started swirling of years of corruption. And most importantly the values of Americans seemed to be shifting. So I began to watch. Pay attention. I was never hard right. I am a woman. I have many Gay friends and family. That I love and support. So I would say my views on politics fit more in the Middle.
Then Barack Obama got elected. Twice. Suddenly things in this country were becoming unpleasant. Race relations were at an All time high imo since the 1960’s. How could this be? When an overwhelming majority elected a Black President? Twice? Could we really be this nation full of Racists as we were being led to believe? Or was it something else? I like everyone else, watched our President stand at the funeral in SC after the church shooting and put on a preacher act Oscar worthy of an award. A bit later when Marines were slain in Chattanooga, he was nowhere. He would take to our airwaves with his eloquent speeches designed to stoke the fires more. Suddenly police officers were being slain in the streets. The President and the media would have us believe that they were now the enemy.
As this shift occurred, the population increasingly became an easily offended people. You could no longer look different, think different or say anything different than they believed, or you would be verbally attacked on social media by total strangers. We started fighting for things like Bathroom rights while letting Terrorists gain stronger holds on us. Schools began telling young children they couldn’t use labels anymore. No boys no girls. Anything historical was wiped out if it offended. No more learning from past mistakes because the books or history of such events wouldn’t be there anymore. I watched and worried. Is this truly who the US is? A society now devoted to the ME mentality while under the guise of being for you? For the poor and minority and downtrodden? Are we really so full of hate that we attack complete strangers? We get our news fed to us by bias networks and read snippets of the day on social media and spread ignorant memes as law and gospel rather than the propaganda it is?

Are we a People who no longer Think? We Just blindly follow?

Along came election 2016. I truly thought we might be doomed when it came down to HRC and Trump. But I could never in a million years have voted for her. She wanted that election at the expense of anyone and everyone. So despite his brashness and over the top personality, I held my breath and cast my vote for Trump. While hiding it from friends for fear of their reactions.

And ever since, I, like you, have watched this country descend into madness because of the Hate and vitriol flowing from the Left.

I, who my friends call sweet, funny, huge hearted, loving, helper has been called every vicious, ugly, vile thing on the planet for just expressing any view that leans conservative. I am not a Trump poster. Never take to my page to extol his virtues. No I simply comment or post what I think are intellectual views on things. Doesn’t matter. Nope. According to any and all from the Left, I am ignorant, uneducated, racist, homophobe, etc etc etc. despite my Masters in Math. Despite my volunteerism. My rescue of animals. My support of my friends who are Gay and happily married. My teaching of young children on Sunday’s in church. None of that can change the unhinged mind of the Left. And it’s no longer just strangers. It’s friends I have known since I was a very young child. For a while, I wanted to stay silent. Avoid all this angry hate. But how can you? When our very futures are at stake?

So my #WalkAway moment isn’t that I am switching parties. It is that I am walking away from fear. From being silent. From pretending I didn’t vote for Trump. I am walking towards Truth. I am walking towards Love. I do it for me. For my son. For this country that I love so much.

God Bless America
Trump 2020
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