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Effective 05/01/2015 Green Star Certified has now become BioChecked™ Visit —>  GMO FREE CERTIFICATION!


Our brands have become the leading industry “Marks of Consumer Environmental and Health Awareness For GMO FREE CERTIFICATIONS”.

GMO FREE CERTIFICATIONOur “GMO FREE CERTIFIED™ brand program certifies (Now NGE Certified™) producers have provided to us laboratory results that their produce or products are GMO Free. Producers that use our trusted Non Genetically Engineered Certified™ brand are producers who “CARE” about your family and what they put into their bodies, that is why they go the extra mile to provide you with an independent third party witness to their GMO FREE laboratory certifications/results. The United States does not mandate GMO Free labeling or even recommend labeling, however our producers want you to have peace of mind when you purchase produce and products with our trusted GMO FREE CERTIFIED™ NOW: Non Genetically Engineered Certified™ seal.

Public opinion polls in the US and abroad reveal that the large majority of consumers are wary of genetically modified organism (GMO) crops and plants. As a result, agricultural producers and manufacturers have found that “GMO Free” can be a socially responsible statement and are now using our GMO Free Certifiction and seal for their produce and product labels.

People everywhere have the right to know if their food has been genetically modified. With the lack of government regulation in the labeling of our products, producers and manufactures have taken it upon themselves to label there food as GMO Free, however we have taken this one step further with Non Genetically Engineered Certified™.

We allow these same producers and manufactures to participate in the “Non Genetically Engineered Certified™” program by having there produce, seeds, feed and processed food tested by leading independent genetic testing laboratories. Once their products meet and maintain our standards/threshold we allow these producers to put our GMO FREE CERTIFED™ brand on their marketing and product labels. Currently, GMO FREE CERTIFED™ has one of the best GMO Free Certification programs in the world. It’s widely known and trusted by consumers and producers alike. Contact Us Today!

**Non Genetically Engineered Certified™ Threshold/Standards for Single Input Ingredients

Thresholds –
0.1% – Seed
0.5% – Human Food, Ingredients, Supplements, Personal Care Products, and other products that are either ingested or used directly on skin
0.8% – Animal Feed and Supplements

Standards –
All producers and manufactures must clearly prove and maintain there products and produce are GMO Free and are required to retest by an approved laboratory on an annual basis.

Join countless other organizations as they market “Healthier” Non GMO Certified produce using our leading industry consumer confidence “Non Genetically Engineered Certified™” seal.

Contact Us for more information on joining or information on our Non Genetically Engineered Certified™ program.

* As a third party, we hold the producers’ Certificate of “GMO Free” from or for the producer by laboratories, engineers and leading industry processing professionals and scientist so they may bare our trusted seal of Non Genetically Engineered Certified™.

Non Genetically Engineered Certified™ only recommends laboratories and testing facilities that are currently using ELISA protein or DNA/PCR testing methods including quantification PCR. The specific type of test used depends on the type of sample provided. Laboratories and testing facilities must also routinely participate in proficiency and validation tests conducted by USDA/GIPSA, USDA/APHIS, ISTA, AOCS, and other certifying agencies.

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