Fashion Guru – Hair Buns

Fashionista and glam guru, NicoleGren the Beauty Blogger on YouTube’s fashion channel breaks out on new video with her love for hair buns.

Nicole – Beauty Blogger

Nicole Colgren a.k.a. Nicolegren a 21 year old freelance fashion and beauty expert has been doing makeup since she was in the 5th grade and has really found her calling. A self taught beauty and fashion consultant that has developed a great following of peeps who regularly follow her expert tips and tricks to all things makeup, hair, modeling and beauty.

Nicole loves to share her simple, fun and perky experiments she’s developed and used for black dress or casual kick back chilaxing.

Nicole is an avid outdoors, exercise and full on active young lady breaking through traditional beauty techniques and giving you a down to earth perspective to simple, easy to follow makeup and beauty techniques. Her style is perky, happy, and simply beautiful. The following hair bun video will give you a great taste and encouragement to follow and subscribe to her channel.

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