Apologize – Amazon Must Read

Apologize becomes an Amazon Must Read – JL Heckman delivers an expected hot seller in the a world of romance stories, with happy endings, this book stands out from the rest. It’s real and raw at times, with a dash of fairytale sprinkled in.

Christiana is from the blue-collar world of service industry jobs, who gets thrown into the deep waters of the rich. She struggles to stay true to herself, eventually betraying herself and those around her. Her betrayal leads to a series of events that forever alter not only her life, but the lives of those closest to her.

James is used to getting what he wants when he wants it and doesn’t balk at a challenge. As soon as he set his sights on Christiana, he knows she will alter his entire being. He is willing to go to extreme lengths to manipulate her affections, getting much more than he bargained for in the end.

There is sex, romance, and betrayal. It leaves the readers reeling; the story takes twists and turns, drawing you in and breaking your heart in the process. *Content may be explicit for some readers. Themes include sex and violence.

Heckmann’s first (Amazon Must Read) review more than likely set the tone for many, many more five star reviews:

More real than your typical love story – In J.L. Heckmann’s first novel, Christiana Morgan is a simple girl, not much for family, having a few close friends and living above where she works. She has a simple long distance fling with a simple farm boy named Ethan. Things are going as good as they can be until she goes with Ethan to the estate he works at while visiting and meets James, or should I say Lawrence Ashton, the Duke of Eidelwild. After a life threatening event occurs, it gives Chris the clarity she needs to decide the true direction her life wants to go, with a not-so-simple man. Chris soon finds out what it feels like to crave privacy, enjoy intimacy, and feel love in a way she has never been shown or given in return.

J.L. Heckmann is on my “lets see what she does next” radar. Apologize is a radiant, seductive story that stole my heart. James is my newest heart throb because he is a heartfelt man through and through, ready to put it out on the line. He didn’t just win Chris over with gifts because he can afford them, he won her over with romance, chivalry, honesty and openness about his feelings; which I myself as a woman crave open honesty from a man. Her writing style makes it so easy to suck myself into the middle of the words, I often found myself reading exactly as my thoughts would have produced things Chris was saying or even thinking. She made me feel a lot like Chris, to where I could imagine myself in her shoes. There is some sex, profanity and violence. I feel the sex is very tasteful, there is definitely so much story surrounding it, that is not the main event. Don’t let me lead you to believe there isn’t sizzling sex though, because I would be lying. My husband will be frustrated to know that I am giving him the cold shoulder tonight over a fictional character, but James will dance in the middle of falling snow with no music and my husband doesn’t so.. Her descriptions of places they escape are so detailed, she achieved every goal of painting the picture. I want to know some of the places that inspired her to create these mountain scenes for James and Chris.

Apologize gets 5 of 5 stars, it was a satisfying read to know that not everything is a fairy tale. I do wish there will be a later edit with an epilogue years down the road, to see where Chris and James are standing, how they’re feeling and what life has handed to them. J.L. Heckmann has already set a goal date of 2020 for her next release and I can’t wait to see where it leads. – Hannah Kaye

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