Take your website from ho-hum to captivating with video!

For years, the standard in website design has been a well-built static page–or pages–of text to showcase the services and/or products of a business. More recently, however, we have discovered that people respond better to images. As a result, the use of video has become an effective means to reach target audiences.

Are you aware that 40% of people prefer to take in information through visual images, rather than by plain text?

Instead of highlighting your services and/or products in a long-text article that will most likely be skimmed at best, you can take the same information and transform it into a fast-paced video that will capture the attention of your site’s visitors.

Keep in mind, it isn’t just about cramming all the information on your website into a single video, but rather giving consumers something visually pleasing that will be easy for them to remember. People are much more likely to remember a video they have watched than text they have read. (As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words!)

Did you know that when a video is present on a product page, consumers spend up to 9% more time viewing the page compared to when there is no video present?

Video provides a dynamic and interactive experience, giving your visitors a positive experience that makes them want to stay on your site longer. This not only has the potential to result in more sales, but can get you noticed by Google, and when Google notices your visitors are staying longer, they often reward your site with higher rankings in their searches.

Video options you might consider

  • Testimonials of satisfied clients/customers
  • Special sales & events
  • A virtual tour
  • Product photos and info
  • Anything you can think of to promote your business

A bit about YouTube
There is some confusion when it comes to where a video should be hosted and the impact it has on SEO (search engine optimization). YouTube is owned by Google. By creating an account on YouTube, you are able to insert your website’s link on your page profile and in the video description itself. Having your website exposed on YouTube can be extremely beneficial to small local businesses–after all, who hasn’t seen videos that have gone viral in a matter of hours? When you host a video on YouTube, you never have to worry about the loading speed negatively affecting user experience (which is also considered by Google’s algorithm).

In conclusion, a video is an essential and effective marketing tool and a great way for your business to stay ahead of your completion.

So what are you waiting for? Ask me how I can help you transform your static ho-hum website into a dynamic, interactive destination by adding a short, compelling video designed to captivate your audience! Call Creative Marketing Solutions today! 605-936-2155.

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