2nd Amendment Sticker

2nd Amendment Sticker

2nd Amendment2nd Amendment Sticker for .99 Cents // Get one of the best Pro-Gun – Pro 2nd Amendment stickers available! Support your local concealed carry and open carry 2nd Amendment firearm packing US citizen. As a business we should let them know we are proud of their right to carry. Support the 2nd Amendment by displaying this Firearms Welcome Sticker. This sticker is only .99 cents and supports a US Army Veteran. As a veteran, I understand the importance of the 2nd Amendment and the importance of self protection on and off my own property. If we don’t “Stand Up” and let our communities know how important this is, we will loose our rights to the strong liberal left. I personally recommend buying some for your friends and giving them away as gifts. I have given them away and made new friends almost instantly. They are great conversation pieces and all my friend even put them on their homes. I think it sends a strong signal to everyone who enters your doors. I thank you in advance for your order and we will work to get these out to you right away.  These stickers are only .99 cents and ship usually within 24 hours.  They have a UV protection coating and last a long time outdoors.  They are also MADE IN THE USA

Sincerely, Scott Prentice www.99CentStickers.com

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Other Great Locations to mount this Firearms Welcome Sign:


Back Doors

At the Cash Register







Recreation Rooms and Areas

Hunting Cabins


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