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Black Americans Find Freedom in WalkAway

August 12, 2018

I walked away from the democratic party last year after seeing the destructive and fascist behavior coming from the left.

Lee Green

As a black American I was always under the impression that the conservatives were racist and worked to keep me in poverty. I never challeneged this idea because after all everybody seemed to believe in it. It wasn’t until this Trump presidency that the veil was lifted before my eyes. When I saw how badly the liberal media treated Trump even when he did good things, I knew something was inherently wrong. I spent an entire year researching both parties and realized that I had been hood winked.

I learned about psychological subversion and destabalizing a nation through propaganda. I studied the Soviet Union era and its role in American politics, the marxist leninist philosophy, the socialist and globalist agenda, etc. All of which I was never taught in school. I spent a great deal of time hating the “white man” because liberals taught me that whites were my enemy. I walked around with an inferiority complex due to this invasive thinking.

Now since I know the truth I am a free man, no longer holding hatred towards my fellow white Americans. No longer thinking someone is trying to hold me down. The democratic chains are no more. And because of this my life has drastically improved.

When I would sit with liberals I felt that they pitied me which made me feel extremely awkard as if im some charity case. As a man I appreciate when another human being holds me to the same standards as everyone else. This is true equality. What Dr. King spoke of. I relaized my values have always been conservative and that of a free market society. Of course now I’m looked at as a fool amongst alot of my peers but quite frankly I don’t give a damn. I support this president who I now know is fighting for the liberty and freedom of all Americans. May God protect him against the evil of the left and may God protect all of us who are standing up for truth in these times. Thank you Brandon for starting this movement.

God Bless!!!

Lee Green