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DACA #WalkAway

August 9, 2018

I’ve been hesitant to write on here but here we go. To give you guys some background I am a DACA recipient and I am so grateful at the opportunities this country has given me. I grew up in AZ and the immigration laws were tough. Heck we had sheriff Joe Arpaio, SB1070, no welfare and no FAFSA. I had no problem with that because that taught me to work hard, pay my own things, and I am so close at becoming a Biochemist. So I was in high school when Obama got elected and I was so happy that the we were going to have the first Black President I wasnt into politics at that age so I didnt know what he stood for or what policies he had all I knew was that Democrats were good and Republicans were evil.

At the end of both his terms I didnt see much change even when Democrats had both house and Senate. The 2016 elections was honestly something else. It was a Us vs Them, no middle ground and of course me being brainwashed by CNN, Univision, and Liberal friends made me hate Trump. I made the mistake of not doing my own research. I didnt like Bernie either because he didnt appealed to me (even tough he offered “free” college). After Trump won some of my friends had a mental breakdown, people were going to move to Canada and that the world was gonna end.

A year later and nothing happened. I began to do my own research and remebered that the Democrats were the Slave/KKK/Anti civil rights party. I then gave Fox News a chance and I went down a rabbit hole. I was shocked at how many lies liberal news gave us. Trump is not as evil as the MSM portray him as. I was so mad when he told Democrats to fund his wall in exchange for a path to citenzenship to DACA recipients and they refused because they didnt want to give him credit that was enough for me to stop supporting the Democratic party. Also I am not okay with the growth of socialism and communism that the left is wanting to spread. It doesnt work! Their hate for America disgusts me like do you not know how much a person from a poor country would give to be in your place?

The west is seriously in danger with the liberals running things. I saw the things that are happening in Europe and Canada with their open borders and massive amounts of Africans and Middle Easterns flowing into the countries. Islam is something that scares me and I have no idea why liberals/feminists side with them. White privilege isnt real, the wage gap is a myth, and America is the best country in the world. I do support the wall to be built, people need to assimilate to their new country, citenzenship should be merit base and we definately need to know who comes into the country. I have so much more to say but this is enough for now. If Trumps keeps doing a great job I do hope he wins 2020 and that we keep Republicans in charge if the Democrats dont change. Please vote this midterm elections and make them know that the walk away movement isnt a bunch of Russian bots.

Esperanza Hernandez

Here is one more DACA recipient on video.

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