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WalkAway Liberals On Left Speak Out

August 8, 2018

Kelly Reno Daw story is another #WalkAway of liberals speaking out as they leave the left.

The first time I was eligible to vote, I registered as a Democrat. In high school, I vividly remember being given two separate sheets of paper, each describing the party in paragraph form. The Democrat sheet of paper was noticeably longer. What it boiled down to was the Democrat side seemed more sympathetic to those people in need. Who doesn’t want to help people, right? To my 18-year-old eyes, it was the right thing to do, so Bill Clinton got my vote. And he won the Presidency. A few months later, I joined the Navy and off to bootcamp I went.
I think my mind was changed (as far as being a Democrat) was when I witnessed two grown men case a bus full of young Sailors enjoying a bit of liberty at a local mall. I am a creature of Common Sense. I always have been. You tell me one thing, but I see another, I’ll mull it over and use my judgement, and more often than not, my common sense will prevail. These two men were panhandling. I watched them put on this pathetic display of “down-and-out” to illicit sympathy in order to get money from these uniform wearing kids. I was one of them. “My car broke down and I don’t have any money to get home” I believe was the spiel. They were both drunk but to my consternation, many of my fellow Sailors gave them money. When these poor dumb bastards got to me, I blasted them. “I suffered through Bootcamp, a place I LOATHED, in order to get a JOB, so F>ck off!” And I think, from that moment on, I was a Republican. You cannot reward those that refuse to work. It’ll NEVER motivate them off their asses and out of the pit they dug themselves into. It’s HUMAN NATURE. Why work, when you can get it for free?

Fast forward to Slick Willie and his antics in the Oval Office. Good lord, what a sleaze ball. Straight faced LIED about it. The House voted to impeach and then the Senate, said “Lying and adultery isn’t grounds for impeachment…so his integrity is shot to hell, MEH…he still deserves to finish out his term as President”! Can you imagine what message that sent out to all of us serving this nation? “Rules for thee, but none for me!” And funny how the Clinton’s used that mantra all the way up to…well…NOW!

I spent 20 years in the Navy and retired in 2014. I held a top-secret security clearance for many years and held leadership roles that required CONSTANT integrity from the top down. My Officers relied upon me to keep the Enlisted in line, the Enlisted relied upon me to be the buffer between them and the Officers. Integrity 24/7 at all times. Barack Obama was sworn into office and his tenure lasted the rest of my active duty time. I refused the Presidential retirement letter as I wanted no document with his signature on it. I found him to be a dangerous and divisive disgrace as the Commander in Chief. My husband too was active duty. In 2012, I remember having a discussion with him that went somewhere along these lines. “We took an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic, and right now we have an enemy of the Constitution sitting in the white house; if the shit hits the fan, what are we going to do?”

There was NO WAY in HELL Hillary Clinton would EVER get my vote. I wouldn’t piss on the that woman if she were on fire. I’d crack open a bottle of wine instead and cheer as she burned. She is THAT VILE to me. Integrity and accountability, the woman is the EXACT opposite. I’d be sitting in Leavenworth prison if I had done a FRACTION of what that vile women did while Secretary of State. Those men at the Consulate in Benghazi were left to DIE (deliberately) and then the entire Obama Administration LIED about it, and the media ALLOWED the lie to prevail.

Donald Trump was not my choice. I’ve been a Libertarian now since I retired. That whole epiphany of recognizing enemies of the Constitution made me realize Washington DC is full of such enemies. Both Democrat and Republican. I support a Convention of States. We have got to take back control from those in Washington, but those deep-seated creatures will never support term limits. We must force it.

I am pleasantly surprised at what Donald Trump has accomplished despite the constant and relentless vitriol and lies. He is being undermined at every step but, yet he prevails. I’ll vote for the man in 2020. At this point, he is doing a bang-up job and his wife is pure class. I joined his movement when it was 70,000 members. I consider it chicken-soup for the soul. People of all walks of life having epiphanies and walking away. I just can’t get enough of it! Cheers to all of you! You make my day a better place with each post I read or watch.

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