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#WalkAway Poster Child

August 7, 2018

#WalkAway has become a political phenomenon unlike anything to ever happen. Started as a traditional hashtag post and quickly going viral. Many liberals are coming clean and #WalkingAway from the left. Each and every story is unique and powerful in its own right.  As editor here at Black Hills Today, I enjoy reading or watching the video stories as they become available.  Which I might add is becoming quickly impossible because of their large numbers. I’d love to be able to feature them all here, because they truly are such human stories from each individual on such a hot topic.  That is why I believe each one is so exciting to read.  It breaks down the big talking heads and gives real world people a platform or voice to share their life and political perspective. Her is one that I’ve found this morning to be real sweet, matter of fact and to the point. She truly is a #WalkAway poster child and you will see why.

This is her story;

Amanda Velásquez


Amanda Velásquez

Hi! I used to be a lefty but on 2016 I changed my mind. I am tired of the narrative, TIRED of people who don’t let you speak even if you have proof of what you are talking about, they attack you and label you as racist, close minded and so on. I’m a legal immigrant living in California and I truly believe there is a lot of hypocresy!!!! All people in their own houses have Windows and doors and they decide who can come and who leaves, it is the same with a nation. The people have the right to know who comes in and who comes out, it is our right to be protected. Not all immigrants are criminals and that’s something that all of us know. But it is naive to ask for open borders. That just doesn’t work. We have the big example of Europe. Why no one criticize Japan, south korea, Hungary, Italy??? This countries have more severe laws referring to immigrants. I believe this country is generous for all the opportunities they offer us. I was just sharing a simple question on FB and people attacked me, I asked: why if Islam is what they say countries like Qatar, Turkey and Dubai Saudi Arabia don’t take immigrants ( which happens to be Muslims)? All attacked me and none provided with a simple answer. Refugees or immigrants always look for CHRISTIAN countries. And yes ! The Democratic party is all the time oppressing Christian values! Am I not in my right to speak up?! I’m happy to help any one who needs it without bias, I’m here to talk but it is sad people nowday don’t care about TRUTH they just care about looking good and taking careless decisions without looking into the consequences. I do care about the protection and liberty of all citizens. Japan doesn’t have not even one casualty for terrosisms and they still wonder WHY? It is the laws they have. Let’s NOT forget the 55000 homeless just ALONE in the county of Los Angeles and people still think liberals work for the so-called poor community? I am a Latin American who believes in hardworking, education will leads us to a brighter future! All people talking bad about the president but enjoying the 4.1% increase in the economy that helps us All! SO I DONT SEE ANYTHING RACIST ABOUT THAT. I hope we can unite more. And GOD BLESS AMERICA

Amanda Velásquez

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