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South Dakota Conservatives

June 21, 2018

South Dakota ConservativesSouth Dakota Conservatives finally have a place to call home. The scandal-ridden SD Republican Party is losing its conservatives to the Constitution Party. In 2010 there was a push to register Republicans no matter what they believed, “As long as we can put an “R” by their name”, I heard Justin Rollins say at the Sioux Falls Republican Headquarters.

Prior to that in 2007, Republican Governor(s) Rounds and Daugaard, working with OBamaCare Architect, Tom Daschle, brought bills for the Individual Mandate and a HealthCare Insurance Exchange. We did not know those terms back them, but now we recognize them as pillars of ObamaCare, the federal takeover of healthcare. These men also promoted Common Core, the federal takeover of Education….even though they deceptively campaigned against both.

These progressive Republicans led South Dakota through several scandals, including EB5 and Gear UP. But we only know about these because of the mysterious deaths that occurred. How many other scandals are taking place that we do not know about? Several deaths have emanated from the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED), yet is has never been forensically audited. FOIAs remain unanswered, autopsies closed, entire fire departments told to stand down and shut up….yet SD keeps putting “Republicans” in charge.

This past 2018 primary gave us two choices for Republican Governor, Kristi Noem and Marty Jackley. Marty Jackley lost when his eagerness to bend the rules of justice was revealed in the Laura Kaiser sexual harassment case. What was not brought out was Jackley’s other egregious acts involving Gear Up and EB5. Kristi Noem refused to bring out those facts because she would have been wrapped up in them also. She is our Federal delegate and both are Federal programs, yet we didn’t hear a word from her on these important SD issues. In fact, SD is so corrupt that the Feds will not us allowed to handle the EB5 program anymore. EB5, Gear Up, SD Corruption? Kristi Noem says nothing.

Her Lt Governor pick speaks volumes however. Larry Rhoden, is a former Democrat who has been a “good trooper”. He has been rewarded with investment perks in the SD Life insurance program and now the #2 Republican position. Being a former Democrat must not bother Kristi since she also crosses parties being a student of Tom Daschle’s Campaign School years ago. In fact, many former Democrats now litter the ranks of prominent “republicans”. The South Dakota State Republican Chair, Dan Lederman, was an “Active, registered Democrat, getting regular newsletters and notifications” (according to Iowa’s Sec of State’s office) until late last year when the Argus Leader exposed him. Lesser “republican” offices are currently held by progressives who changed their party affiliation for gain.

What is a South Dakota conservative Republican to do? Join the Constitution Party….the party having the best of what Republicans offer and none of the corruption that metastasizes within a party having absolute power for 40 years. The convention is July 14, 3pm, American Legion in Sioux Falls. Constitution Party candidates will be nominated there for the November ballot.

Conservatives…welcome home.

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