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Sarasota Google Street View Trusted Photographer

April 6, 2018

Sarasota Google Street View Trusted Photographer

Recent development and technology is now allowing visitors from any computer or smart phone to now visit local businesses and see inside before arriving.  Google Maps has now extended their reach into businesses if they elect to hire a Google Street View Trusted photographer to come into their business and take 360º panoramic photos and upload them to Google Maps for the business.  This new tech has really opened up doors, literally for businesses throughout the Suncoast.  Now, instead of just doing a drive by and seeing the outside of the business, visitors with Google Maps can now come and take a Virtual Tour using this new technology.  EnjoySRQ360 has been approved in Sarasota as a Google Street View Trusted photographer to make this happen her on the Suncoast of Florida.

Owner, Scott Prentice formerly from the Black Hills moved to the beautiful gulf coast 3 years ago.  Now he is set to help other upper Midwest visitors get a peak into this beautiful world through this new technology.  Scott, a tech giant in his former career while living for most of his life in South Dakota developed one of the states largest online community portals which had seen over a million visitors a month in it’s prime.   Scott is now trying to develop a virtual link to visitors from the Midwest to Florida.  After seeing what a beautiful state Florida truly was and all it had to offer Midwestern visitors.  Scott decided to launch into this new virtual world with technology he could share both worlds.  Black Hills Portal a.k.a. Black Hills Today is still running as a news source and will shortly be connected to Sarasota through a similar site.  Currently Scott is developing this technology and implementing it into Google Maps as his means to host the virtual tours but the code for the virtual tours will be able to be embedded into both sites also.

Visitors are now able to get a peak at this creative new tech by visiting www.EnjoySRQ360.com   SRQ is a short abbreviation for Sarasota that was taken from the International Airport code designation and is now widely used to reference Sarasota.

Sarasota Google Street View Trusted Photographer


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