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Sarasota Carpet Repair

April 12, 2017

Sarasota Carpet RepairSarasota Carpet Repair Recommendation and Rating – Carpet installers – Dean and Scott are extremely professional (Five Stars) and very fast carpet installers – Dean and Scott are very nice. I’ve used them twice and always on time and very good price. I did their picture to share with everyone! Call them, they always answer!! 941-526-8165. Sarasota Florida High Five and Shout-Out!

  • Is your budget restricting you from buying new carpet for your home, rental property or business?

  • Do you need another year or two out of your existing carpet?

  • Do you have wrinkles or waves in your carpet?

  • Do you have a stain in your carpet that won’t come out?

  • Did your pet dig a hole in your carpet?

  • Do the creaks & squeaks in your floor drive you crazy?

  • Is your berber carpet starting to unravel?

  • Do you need to have your carpet re-attached and finished¬†up to the new tile or wood flooring just recently installed?

Call Crocodile Carpet and Tile –¬†941-526-8165

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