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FGM Needs To Be Outlawed In USA

August 7, 2016

FGM : This needs to be put before Congress today, to be banned in the USA. (Period) Females this is not a right to choose issue, this is barbarian and we need to send a loud cry around the world, you will not bring your barbarianism to this country. This is not a freedom of religion issue either. This is to protect innocent young girls from a sick Muslim culture.

An estimated 200 million girls and women alive today are believed to have been subjected to FGM; but rates of FGM are increasing.. Even in USA

Story of a victim: “My two sisters, myself and our mother went to visit our family back home. I assumed we were going for a holiday. A bit later they told us that we were going to be infibulated. The day before our operation was due to take place, another girl was infibulated and she died because of the operation. We were so scared and didn’t want to suffer the same fate. But our parents told us it was an obligation, so we went. We fought back; we really thought we were going to die because of the pain. You have one woman holding your mouth so you won’t scream, two holding your chest and the other two holding your legs. After we were infibulated, we had rope tied across our legs so it was like we had to learn to walk again. We had to try to go to the toilet. If you couldn’t pass water in the next 10 days something was wrong. We were lucky, I suppose. We gradually recovered and didn’t die like the other girl. But the memory and the pain never really go away.”


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