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August 26, 2015

Submit Press Release – Today, News Syndication has gone through a revolutionary change, for the good!  You would have to agree!  Here is why:  In previous years prior to online news, if you wanted your news in front of  the world, you would have to have a “Profound” news statement for a major story or have to add a paid advertisement in a major news publication that cost your organization thousands of dollar for just a single day.  Today, news agencies have all been equalized, for the most part, because everyone is able to see your content on all news agency websites.  But here is the “KEY”, not all online news agencies are the same.  Some news agencies have online websites and don’t syndicate their news into the search engines.  Some still make you read the paper version and yet a lot of them make you pay for their subscriptions!  Those “Good Ol’boys!” are way behind the times.

Here at Black Hills Today – We have never cut down a tree for our NEWS!  We’ve never charged a reader to read our news!  And for over the last 12 years our news has been “Syndicated” into the largest news syndication in the world, i.e. “Google News”.   If you would like your press release syndicated into our Global Digital News Syndication its quite easy.  Just pay for one of the following services:

Paid Press Release/Global Digital News Syndication – Submit Press Release

Demo (Actual news release) – Includes: 1 press release with a photo – without a hotlink.  $35.00 (We will show you how fast it goes into the Search Engines)

Single Press Release – Includes 1 press release with photo and hotlink. $50.00

12 Month Subscription – 1 press release a month – Includes 1 monthly press release with photo and hotlink – $480.00

Submit Press Release

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