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Apostle Paul Forum

August 21, 2015

A new forum for discussion and insight into the writings and teaching of Apostle Paul has been started at www.ProblemsWithPaulForum.com .  This forum will hopefully start to shed some light on Paul’s writings and study.  For over 3 years Scott Prentice has been doing research and investigative journalism on New Testament teachings on Apostle Paul’s epistles and started a blog called Problems With Apostle Paul.

Scott has wanted to get up a forum for open discussion since he created the Problems with Apostle Paul blog.  Scott receives “Kudo’s” from around the world and the site traffic has been climbing exponentially for years.  This will give visitors to his website an opportunity to voice their concerns and insights.  Without getting into the jist of the problems here.  You are better suited to start your inquiries at www.ProblemsWithPaul.com or visiting the links page and visiting some of the other sites that discuss these issues in detail.

Scott was raised in the First Congregational Church and confirmed as a Christian when he was 15 and never even read the story in Matthew of Jesus’ birth.  He never became a true Christian until he was 36 years old.  As he became an “On Fire” Christian, and traveled around the country witnessing and visiting other churches was when he started to notice the many problems with Paul’s epistles and the Christian Church.

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