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Firearms Welcome Sticker

August 19, 2015

Firearms Welcome Sticker

Goes Viral!

By Territory Media

Firearms Welcome Stickers

Order Today!

Firearms Welcome Stickers go viral and shoot sales through roof.

99CentStickers is having a hard time keeping orders up, but they have been doing it!  “We have been keeping pace, but right after the elections orders went through the roof!” explained Michael Knight, 99CentStickers.com production assistant.

When people seen that their Second Amendment rights might become in jeopardy, people not only went to purchase new guns, but they started branding their rights into “The Businesses they Built!” noted company president, Scott Prentice.

   “We are pleased, to expand this avenue of awareness and address this issue head on and have expanded our company to do this with a cost affordable sticker that anyone can buy for .99 cents.” Scott Prentice

99CentStickers.com just went live with an all new website where people can order custom vinyl or paper stickers.  All exterior vinyl stickers are High Gloss with UV Protection.

To Order the Firearms Welcome Sticker visit our store online

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